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About John Schneider

John Schneider with Rufus and Ozzie

After graduating from music college, John played the drums in a number of jazz bands and taught at Plymouth State College in NH and Phillips Andover Academy in Mass. When the schools went on break John took a summer job working for a home construction company. From there his ambition of one day building his own home came to fruition in 1980- a beautiful log cabin nestled in the woods. Several other homes followed- from traditional framing to a post and beam horse barn.

In 1986 John accepted the position of Property Manager of a 101 year old girl’s camp in NH- 93 buildings! After 17 years at the camp, John accepted the position of Operations Director at the Newport Art Museum in Rhode Island- directing major restoration projects of two museum buildings listed on the National Historic Registry.

At the completion of those restorations John decided it was time to get out from behind the desk and back in the field.

Schneider-Built was started in 1980 and like many home builders, has shifted from new home construction to remodeling, restorations, and repairs. John is licensed and insured in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. He enjoys working on all types of home projects. He and his wife own and manage three investment properties and have a serious respect for prompt and excellent service.

“I am always respectful of a homeowner’s privacy. I work hard to communicate well with my clients and minimize the disruption of their homes. I keep my work area clean, safe, and always strive to finish the job within schedule”.